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CNC Machining vs. 3D Printing: Which is Best?

In today's fast-paced manufacturing landscape, CNC machining and 3D printing technology can ensure quick and precise parts production for various industries. But figuring out the best technology to make these parts can get tricky. That's where understanding the use cases between CNC machining and 3D printing comes in.

3-Axis vs. 5-Axis CNC Machine: What You Need to Know

Selecting the appropriate CNC machine is a pivotal decision for manufacturers seeking to meet customers’ intricate and complex design needs. While traditional 3-axis CNC machines have their merits, limited linear movements make it difficult to fulfill intricate design requirements. A 5-axis CNC machine allows you to break free from the constraints of linear movements, unlocking the ability to approach a workpiece from multiple angles.

Using AI to Improve Your Business Communications

With the new year often comes new goals to take your manufacturing business to new heights. One way to do that is by using AI (artificial intelligence), a tool businesses have used for many years. Recently, however, new AI tools have surfaced that will take your business communications to the next level - and they’re readily available to everyone. Despite being only in its sophomore year, the AI program ChatGPT is a highly sophisticated and well-developed tool that can help you streamline your business communications for overall company benefit.

What Industries Use CNC Machines?

Given the automation, speed, and specificity provided by CNC machines, a variety of industries now prefer this form of manufacturing. Here we break down the types of industries that use CNC machines to create various parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MFG Worth It?

MFG is a great way to grow your business. Whether you are a manufacturer looking for work, or a buyer looking to get parts created, MFG caters to your specialties and ensures a safe and secure transaction.

Is MFG Easy to Use?

MFG is easy to use for buyers and manufacturers. As a buyer you can create an RFQ right on the site. MFG streamlines the manufacturing process by allowing you to find a manufacturer, communicate with them and track and pay for parts all on one platform. Manufacturers can utilize MFG to find new customers and buy discount raw materials.

When Should I Use Custom Manufacturing?

Custom manufacturing is your best option when you need specialized, high-quality, or unique products made to order. It’s a flexible process that promises improved cost efficiency, personalized design and quality control, and superior agility over mass production.